Classic Ps2 Game

User Rating: 8 | Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights PS2
Night of 100 frights is a classic ps2 game that im sure anyone who has played will agree was quite fun. I wouldnt put it up for game of the year contender or anything like that, however I would definately recommend it. The levels had an erie yet very Scooby doo-ish vibe to it, which was perfect because after all, its scooby doo. The items that you could pick up were tons of fun to use, although i do wish there were more. Obviously the graphis are not up to par with current generation games, however if you can look past that, then you can play this fun and nostalgic game. I also would have liked to see an hd remake like they have done with so many other classic 2nd generation games, especially since this game was popular.
To sum up: pros-fun scooby doo atmosphere, interesting levels, awesome art design, cool gadgets

cons: only for ps2, no replay value

I would recommend to those who are nostalgic of cartoony ps2 games, as it is similar to the original sly game and the spongebob games to name a few.