cooking mama in a science lab

User Rating: 5.5 | Science Papa WII
love cooking mama then this is the game for you if you want a change from the cooking enviroments. Meet science papa as you become his new apprentice and work up through thr stages winning competitions and unlocking new experiments and equipment. The game takes you through different exsperiments from soap to fireworks gaining money and experiance before facing famous scientists.

The game doesnt stop at single player , multplayer puts you against a friend competing to be the best. Remember to unock experiments first through. The game is simple to play but not to easy as you compete against the clock in experiments using simple equipment losing points or stars if you go over the time limit.

The game does lack mamas touch but is a fun game for a rainy day and for mama fans is a game not to be missed. But for more hardcore gamers it might not be for them but you never know. But i must warn you after this you will be digging cooking mama out of the hole just to here mamas voice when you do it wrong