There should be a classification for "Brain-Bending"

User Rating: 9 | Schizoid X360
As a gamer, I'm a loner. I don't have anyone to play this with, so I decided to control both critters myself. This is a mental exercise the likes of which I have not seen in games. The hardest bit is controlling both ships at once, especially when they are at some distance from each other. Your brain learns to operate one in the background while focusing on the other, and then switching; like brushing your teeth while swabbing your ears.

The bugs that you control are polarized red and blue. Red enemies harm the blue ship, blue enemies the red. But the root of the interest in the game is the enemies' behavior: they move faster toward your chomper of the opposite color when it's exposed, and move slower or scurry away when the other craft is before it. This defines the movement of the swarm: they zip towards their prey, and crawl towards or run away from their predator. The result is a rhythm of tidal attacks from alternating colors. When you have everything under control, you can just move your dudes in an orbit, baiting and biting. Then get ready for surprises as swarmlings hatch behind you and disturb the flow.

The shape of each level herds the swarm in different ways. One of my favorites is called "Wacka-Wacka", laid out in a grid with eggs dotting the corridors, and swarms pushing in from areas out of your view. The level suggests that Schizoid is a descendant of PacMan. Maybe PacMan if it were designed by the Zerg.

Oh yeah. It's fun.