A new take on Geometry Wars and Pac Man. With evil bugs in it.

User Rating: 5 | Schizoid X360
You're on this rectangular field in outer space, and you've got to kill these glowing scorpions and whatnot before they get to you. They could be something else. I don't know. Anyway, you have a friend to help you out-- although sometimes it's hard to avoid steering directly into your partner. In some levels you have to gobble up dots, like Pac Man, and in some, you're just racing around trying to clean up the flock of bugs and stingers and such before they tag you to death. The buttons don't do anything; it's all just flying. This helps in some ways-- there are no stupid weapon switches to remember in the heat of battle-- but it also means you may get cornered in some of the more maze-like areas, as there's nothing to do but try and find a safe angle from which to tag out your opponents. I'm sorry I bought the full game, I have to say. It wasn't worth it. Try the free version, get your fill and move on.