Showing skin does not make a game good. Scarlet Blade review

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I've been playing as a punisher in the closed beta for Scarlet Blade and I have to say that I'm sad for the game that it could have been if only they weren't so focused on showing skin and bad innuendo. My full review can be found at
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Yeah that pretty much sums it up, hot skimply clad chicks a plenty, shame the actual game is boring and the gameplay is crap.

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Ok ive played this up to about level 20 now and all I can say is this game is so hideously dull it makes me want to puke, ok its open beta but all ive seen in terms of game play is kill 5 of this now go kill 5 of this and 7 of that, now go back and kill 10 of the original thing, and that's basically it PvE wise. There is some PvP in there as well but with combat being nothing more than acquire target spam through your rotations the whole experience feels pointless, easy, takes no skill and is boring. 

And given how they have streamlines the whole process so that you can auto travel to every destination and most of your "quests" come to you, you can play the game without any real thought, you will literally spend more time watching whatever movie you have on to take away the pain than playing the game itself.

I'm guessing they have end game raid type stuff, but if you can stomach the grind to get there im sure the raids themselves wont be anything worth the mind numbing tedium of getting there Also in that twenty levels ive only experienced one solitary dungeon so far, which was basically an instanced area with more kill x amount of blah blah and an easily defeated boss at the end.

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Well as you can probably guess this is already off my HDD, I may give it a shot again when its released who knows they might even turn it into a game worth playing, shame if they don't as I enjoyed the art style, I mean who doesnt't enjoy looking at hot chicks with big hooters rite.