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in this brief hour I advanced a few levels and got a general feel of the game. 

Since its beta its likely that a lot of changes will be made, so this is not to be considered as an official review. 

Character creation is- at the moment- bland, there are a variety of faces and hairstyles to choose from but other than that costumisation at, character creation is very limited. there is no chance in modifying your body type which comes in only 2 types depending on the class you choose: buxom and petit buxom. 

This game is so shameless Im ashamed to play it, it makes a wet t-shirt contest look like a spelling bee competition. I dont want to think of what will happen to the developers if feminist groups get a wiff of this game. 

the way the characters run, depict them more as beach bimbos than hardened warriors, but their attitudes are as tough as they come, ready for the next battle and craving blood. 

scenery is amazing and the storyline compelling, but at the time the game is missing some key components that, in my opinion should be part of any post Tera game. The ability to dodge attacks and attack while you move make a huge difference in MMO now-a-days. it would also help if the character was able to have options on what to do or say from time to time. 

so far combat is  target lock and hotkey, something which should be refined in modern mmos to add a fastpaced action. There is the promise of getting a Mech in the future and am hoping that this will improve combat.

Quests are so far the stone in this games shoe, as its depicting it to be solely a grindfest. perhaps later quests will show more diversity or it is likely that the game is meant for pvp excitement rather than solo action.

Ill see how far the game takes me as  

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DAY 2 - 2 1/2 HOURS GAME

- ONCE MORE- this should not be taken as an official review

If I thought this game was shameless, that was before I got my first emotes and first change of attire, the emotes make my beach bimbo seem like a brain-dead beach bimbo and the new set of clothes appear as if they were fashioned by a hallucigenic pervert.

even though the first mech should be available to me soon after level 17, it feels far too long considering the endless amount of grinding; So far there has not been a single quest that diverts from " kill X", which makes solo play tiresome and monotome. at the current time PVP is nowhere to be seen and the community is all too busy on their own dilemas to be of any help.

Warnings have been made by other players that, simply installing the game, has caused theyr systems to freeze so they request to install and play at your own risk.

one interesting point about the game so far, is that developers have made it so that only the NPCs that you attack will attack you. whilst this makes it easier to travel from point A to point B, without being bothered by unwanted or unprovoked attacks from wildlife as well as thugs, it also makes the AI seem dumb, unable to recognize an enemy walking right into their camp or territory, without being so much as eyed suspiciously.

I trully hope the developers are able to refine this game, before feminists groups and church fanatics, rip them apart.