This game is a masterpiece just like the movie it was based on.

User Rating: 10 | Scarface: The World Is Yours XBOX
Scarface was a great movie and has become a classic.This game isn't totally based off the movie because it rewrites the end.Some people say that was a bad thing i disagree.Because if they hadn't have re written the end there would have been no game,if there had have been it would have warped the original movie story in so many ways it wouldn't be good.I think they did a great job of making you feel like Tony Montana.The voice acting is great its full of punchlines.The actual gameplay is great also its cool how you can go around selling drugs and shooting other gangs down.It sorta reminds me of Saints Row the way you have to go through sectors of Miami and regain what was yours by taking out other gangs.The story is good also but no matter how rich you are it seems like Tony Montana always has bad luck for instance in this game his mother gets killed by the Diaz bros and its all because he is so obsessed with power.But thats not a bad thing because thats what makes this game good.You can get henchmen to do your dirty work for you.You can buy exotics for your mansion.You can also get a lot of cool cars and boats.All in all this is a great game experience.

The Good-Great sound effects,Great Story,Brutal,Great Gameplay,Great music.

The Bad-Nothing.