Its been awhile since there's been a challenge for WSBK 2001!

User Rating: 9.5 | SBK X: Superbike World Championship PC
First off, if you like motorcycle games then this is like the brilliant GTR series made by SimBin. It's a both of two worlds really. Arcade mode which is really arcady and Simulation mode which well is difficult but definitely rewarding..

The menu is easy to navigate and gives you plenty options to choose from, so depending on your mood you can choose a quick race or a full on take your time Weekend race or just do a championship season. Both the arcade and simulation offerings, offer above mentioned fields. Between them they are equally difficult and exhilarating in their own respects.

Graphically the game does not disapoint. It's as good as you would expect from a Milestone/Black Bean game. It's really good but not overwhelmingly amazing on the graphics side.

Once in the desired race field you have an option of setting up your bike the way you like it or use the easy to use Technical advisor options which, I have to admit I have not really noticed any changes after tweaking the bike. Suppose I am not to use to the game yet, as I thought I was. Whilst riding you have the option of choosing from about 6 different views. The best in my opinion is the 3rd option for the onboard view which is closest to riding a motorcycle. Make no mistake this is difficult but after time, it should become almost easy to ride. I've done this plenty times on WSBK2001 and won many races on max settings.

So in a nutshell, as I have said if you like racing and especially motorcycle racing games then this is much better than the arcady MotoGP series and a true reflection on riding a 200hp monster. If you a nooby at racing games or motorcycle games then tread carefully, this one is not so easy to get use to, even the arcade mode can be a challenge.