good handling but graphics are weak

User Rating: 7 | SBK X: Superbike World Championship X360
great physics of a bike ,great sound, i race 600 ss so know how a bike races,
graphics are poor ,frame rate is to low ,motogp 09/10 is an one they need to study for frame rate and graphics ,motogp is by far, better game for me, its a pity they didnt have a bigger budget to bring this graphically upto what the mighty xbox can output,lovely handling .dont get me wrong , ive had fun playing ,but since motogp 09/10 update ,ive stuck to it ,faster , better tracks, more feel when you change setup on the bike, adrenaline on motogp is much higher online ,loads faster to , you cant change setup on your bike online on sbk as far as i know ,which is poor, thats part of racing, needs work and a big wack of cash to get it up there with the big hitters like motogp 09/10, for me anyway, but its wortha bash ,i had fun, but dont think you can be good online at both online lo trust me ,thats why i made a decision to stay motogp