Sayonara Wild Hearts Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Unlock all trophies All Done
    Solved the first Aquarius riddle: Warp teleported forty times in "Heartbreak IV" Aquarius A
    Solved the second Aquarius riddle: Achieved a rank in "Yolo Arcade" (250k minimum) Aquarius B
    Solved the first Aries riddle: Achieved "No Rank!" in "Clair De Lune" Aries A
    Solved the second Aries riddle: Used skip cutscene in ten different songs in a row Aries B
    Solved the first Cancer riddle: Got twenty "Risky!" in "Doki Doki Rush" without failing Cancer A
    Solved the second Cancer riddle: Passed through the left eye of the smiley shaped obstacle in "Reverie" four times Cancer B
    Solved the first Capricornus riddle: Got "Perfect!" on every prompt in "Forest Ghost" Capricornus A
    Solved the second Capricornus riddle: Collected more than half of the square coins in "Album Arcade" Capricornus B
    Solved the first Gemini riddle: Used the skip magician three times in "Hearts & Swords" Gemini A
    Solved the second Gemini riddle: Got ten "Risky!" in "Yolo Arcade" Gemini B
    Solved the first Leo riddle: Achieved gold rank in "Begin Again" three times in a row Leo A
    Solved the second Leo riddle: Got twenty-five "Slide!" in "Transonic Gravity" Leo B
    Solved the first Libra riddle: Did not collect any small hearts in "Parallel Universes" Libra A
    Solved the second Libra riddle: Spun the zodiac wheel backwards ten cycles Libra B
    Solved the first Pisces riddle: Squeezed between two spaceship bullets four times in "The World We Knew" Pisces A
    Solved the second Pisces riddle: Got all square coins in one run of "Wild Hearts Never Die" Pisces B
    Solved the first Sagittarius riddle: Achieved gold rank in "Inside" then silver rank in "Heartbreak V" and lastly bronze rank in "Heartbreak III" Sagittarius A
    Solved the second Sagittarius riddle: Got three "Spinny!" in "Inside" Sagittarius B
    Solved the first Scorpius riddle: Got no points in "Night Drift" Scorpius A
    Solved the second Scorpius riddle: Got only "Good!" on the prompts in "Fighting Hearts" Scorpius B
    Solved the first Taurus riddle: Collected all the square coins Taurus A
    Solved the second Taurus riddle: Paused the game twelve times quickly Taurus B
    Solved the first Virgo riddle: Dealt a KO! with only one button push Virgo A
    Solved the second Virgo riddle: Listened to the entire song on the title screen and then played "Hearts & Swords" Virgo B

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold