Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 50 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Find Baguette (by Kekeflipnote) A Familiar Bouncing Friend
    Find Shovel Knight A Familiar Fearless Friend
    Find Owlboy A Familiar Flying Friend
    Find Dropsy A Familiar Funny Friend
    Find the fox from Seasons After Fall fox A Familiar Furry Friend
    Complete the first act of the game Act 1 Clear!
    Complete the second act of the game Act 2 Clear!
    Complete the third act of the game Act 3 Clear!
    You've met a terrible fate, haven't you? Alternate ending
    Chase 42 birds Bird chaser
    Beat all the bosses consecutively in Boss Mode Boss Breaker
    Meet the King of Cats Cat-like Reflexes
    Obtain your first hat! Certified Hat Owner
    Experience death by chicken Chicken Attack
    Beat the game with 100% completion Completionist
    Master the crab minigame Crab Master
    Master the dancing minigame. A star is born! Dance Master
    View the puppy flashback Dog Friend
    Find the princess back in the ruins Glad to See You Here Again
    Find a legendary artifact from the past! Handy Game Machine
    Find half of the hats of the game! Headwear Enthusiast
    Revisit Enkidd's past Hidden Flashback 1
    Remember Baby Tako & Bako Hidden Flashback 2
    Witness Sam's tragic end Hidden Flashback 3
    View Bako escape Sarona with Lalabichoua Hidden Flashback 4
    Recall Mireille and Eos Hidden Flashback 5
    Find the cave behind the waterfall Hidden Room 1
    Discover the secret of the great temple Hidden Room 2
    Locate the hidden room in the tower Hidden Room 3
    What's in the Ydor Temple pipes? Hidden Room 4
    Find a room hidden within the Catacombs Hidden Room 5
    Destroy the house of the rich octopus Homewrecker
    ??? I AM ERROR
    She escaped! Lady Butter's Revenge
    Find all 50 hats in the game! Master hatter
    Beat the game without seeing the Game Over screen Perfect Run
    Come back to see the princess' secret base Princess Story
    Rise through the ranks of the fight club! Punch Master
    Save all children Save Us Mr Tako!
    Melt the snowman Snow hater
    Reach 50 fans! Superstar
    Find the lost kids on Alpha Island Survival Kids
    Become the hero of the Mimiga! Tako Story+
    Become a Takoyaki master (but don't tell anyone!) Takoyaki Master
    Beat the game. Thanks for playing! The End!
    Your name is written on it... The Sword in the Sand
    Find the final resting place of the legendary octopuses from the past. The Takonami Code
    Talk to the drag queen in Ydor with your fabulous wig This Is My Hair. I Don't Wear Wigs.
    Find the mermaid cave Under the Sea
    Help construct a new town Village Builder

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer