Remember controlling an army in an RTS and wanted be a soldier? Now you can!

User Rating: 10 | Savage: The Battle for Newerth PC
This game's graphics were outdated, but when I played it, I really enjoyed it. People in the game are so friendly, and there are different aspects of this game to enjoy. You can play this game in RTS mode (when you're a commander of the army), RPG mode (When you're the little units the RTS player commands), and FPS mode (when you're a ranged unit).

It's usually the ending where there is pure war, because in the beginning we have to mine gold and rocks in order to get the technology advanced. There are still hundreds of players playing this game, approximately 250 players right now, and it's actually stuffed when you play on a server. Remember those medieval war movies where there are 200 people on each side charging each other and you wanted to be one of them and just hack the living daylights out of your enemies? This game lets you be one of those soldiers!

The graphics are not too outdated, but outdated enough to let EVERYONE with a graphics card play. This game is vista compatible (I'm using vista) and there weren't any problems at all with this game. It's all you can expect it to be, and expect to be surprised as well!