Would have been popular 10 years ago

User Rating: 4.5 | SAS: Secure Tomorrow PC
These days even the most ordinary of shooters needs some amount of uniqueness. This game is definitely a 'been there, done it all before' shooter with little originality. If you simply need something to shoot, wait till this game hits the bargain bins - it will shortly - and then buy it for $10 and play it. It's not worth any more than that.

As far as gameplay, the enemies and weapons are standard issue. The options menu appears to have a mind of its own. Several times I made changes to the setup, only to find things had reverted back to the installation settings (even tho' I knew my computer and graphics card were more than capable of the settings I made). Even at max rez, the graphics were mediocre; sparse environment, and no challenge to the objectives. For example, you're told to find a switch to open something and you see the switch in the next room highlighted in a bright blue so you cannot miss it. Wayyyy to easy.

Given the competition - CoD, Brothers in Arms, Crysis, etc - there's no place for this game to go execept to the bargain bins and quickly off of hard drives.