Story behind Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves

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Greetings to all! Come and join me by the fire as I recount the tale of our humble beginnings... The game is called Sang-Froid : Tales of werewolves and is a mix between a hunting game, an action game and a strategy game. Check it out! Our gameplay trailer is available here : It was a stormy night in Montréal close to 3 years ago... One of those white nights with snowflakes so thick, you couldn't even see your feet if you looked down. We were 6 friends, all working in the video game industry, heading to the pub after a long day's work. I don't remember who had the idea first, but I swear it was during this storm, our feet deeply stuck in a snow bank downtown, that our game, Sang-Froid, was born! "Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a storm like that, in the dead of night with, instead of buildings, a forest as dark as the devil's beard, full of werewolves and other creatures of legend..." is approximately what we said to each other. I don't know what came over us, but a few days later, we founded what would later become Artifice Studio. Since the beginning, we had one goal in mind: Create a game that would combine action and strategy, where cunning is more important than brute strength, all this weaved together with a captivating story inspired from traditional Canadian folklore. Based on this, we developed several important concepts that would later become key features of our game: - First, the enemies are STRONGER than our heroes. - Second, the power of a hero or an enemy is not measured solely on physical characteristics like strength or stamina, but also in their ability to intimidate their adversaries. - Third, the traps should be the weapon of choice, and you should be able to combine them together freely to create some unique effects, so there's always multiple ways of going about a task. - Fourth, not only can the enemies see you, but they should be able to hear and smell you also. This way, the wind becomes a key factor, not only to avoid detection, but also to set up ambushes. - Lastly, the game should be dynamic in the sense that the player is always switching from the role of the hunter, where he attempts to lure enemies into his traps, to the hunted trying to escape and survive. To help create the unique atmosphere of traditional Canadian folktales, we called up our friend Bryan Perro (, a well known Canadian author, whose books have been translated in 18 different languages and have sold over a million copies all over the world. Bryan has also completed a master degree on "Werewolves in Québec's folktales". On the musical side, we came into contact with some of the best Canadian folk bands, with the likes of "Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs", "La Volée d'Castors", "Perdu l'Nord" and more. Well, I guess that's enough for tonight. My pipe is empty, and I have to go prepare my mare for the trip home. For questions or comments about Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, visit our website at Votefor us on Steam Greenlight if you like the game! Let the tale TRULY begin! The Artifice Studio team. Teaser trailer available here : Debut trailer available here :