This is a great game and I don't get why it has so low ratings, it has great graphics and good gameplay

User Rating: 8.5 | Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3DS
I've had a great time playing this and still am and I think it's one of the best launch titles. It's a really underrated game and I think it deserves to have an 8/10; no where near a 4.5. It has pretty much all the features that make the 3ds special and makes good use of them unlike many of the other titles. You can get weapons and have little battles with streetpass, you can get gaiden stages and more from spotpass and you can get in game currency from play coins. The only thing it lacks is online play, items you can get from the store and different landscapes. Yes, it could have had more but not much and could be a little hard and tedious at the end, but guess what, you could just go back where it's easy and level up your characters so it's not so hard, it's not a game where you can't make your guys especially stronger.