Great graphics, Strong story and large amount of missions to take part in, but gets repetitive after a short while.

User Rating: 7 | Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3DS
Samurai Warriors, Just like dynasty warriors, it has a large following of die-hard fans who love the game, but for me, I cannot see how this is so high profile.

Sure it looks great, and the cut-scenes are fantastic, and a brilliant story of Japanese Dynasties etc etc. But the combat itself is incredibly shallow. Smashing the X or Y button will give you the same moves over and over again, you can change characters but yet you cannot change your main character's weapon until you've passed a certain part, and you can only change different attributes of the weapons. Plus the fact of whilst each Mission has a variety of missions to complete within them, they are repeated in every level.

Although, no doubt if your a fan of the series, you will love it, like I said, the story is great and it looks amazing. But there is no depth to the combat nor is there any really strategy to it. Just mindless hack and slash, kill this guy, defend this guy and destroy this.

Obviously Fans of the series will disagree with me, and if you are one, no doubt you will enjoy this game. But to me, its merely good, and could be so much more.