for a game that got a 4.5 from gamespot, its surprisingly good if u like slicing samurias

User Rating: 8.5 | Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3DS
after reading the recent review of this game i was reluctant to pick it up at all but after having played all the important release titles (apart from nintendogs) i decided to invest in a game i was told would suck but have had intrest in previous titles in the series so i headed to my local games retailer and traded in my copy of ridge racer 3d and thought "dinosaurs aint my thing" . when i got home i was welcomed by a 3D cutscene (which is always cool) the abillity to switch between warriors on the fly is already removed most of the problems of other games that koei make basically i have put more time and effort into this game than any other and am still playing i recommend this game to anyone who like slicing mobs of soldiers in a stylish and ott way i got a feeling im going to be playing this for a while..... excellent