New Stratagies, New Story and All In Fabulous 3D

User Rating: 8.5 | Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3DS
Samurai Warriors have been out for a number of years now and they have been all repetative and nothing change, Well same with this tital.
Its the same old formular that we'v all seen hundreds of times.

Chronicles does how ever introduce a story changer, Depending on your actions depends on the stories out come as you play as a lone warrior traviling old Japan in search for yourself, You will help other armies and make a name for yourself. Its the same old hack-n-slash thta can get boring. But this is the best title on any handheld that includes Samurai and Dynasty as you battle on large maps you claim victor. Usualy when one side of the map is losing you'd have to quickly leave your post to run over to help out were when you reach it the area would have been lost, This time you can take command of your generals and tell them were to go via the touch screen, Or simply take control of them and take care of them yourself to make things easy.

During the gameplay you defeat generals and gane EXP, weapons and items to make your characture stronger, You can power up even more by enfusing other weapons together to be even more powerful or by equipting items that changes your stats

Even though nothing changed, Well not much. Its one of the best in the series and so much fun, The 3D effects are realy good and doesnt strain your eyes.
Is it recomended? yes. It is. If it was for a normal consol it may not be good, But for the 3DS its brilliant.