The absolute best game in the series.

User Rating: 9.5 | Sengoku Musou 3 WII
Samurai Warriors 3 is as we know a sequel in a long running game series know as Samurai Warriors.While each game tells the same story, each one brings a new and fresh outlook on this almost classic style game.
Gameplay-The game play is as it has always been. A samurai chopping down many enemies until you win victory. Many think this gets boring after a while but what keeps this game fresh?This time around we have battle plans much like in Samurai Warriors Empires. The battle has its own battle plan or you can make your own. This is a fun interactive way to tackle the battle as it's always changing. This time around you can also equip your Samurai with armor upgrades. The game has 35 characters and estimated 2 million+ custom character choices for creation. Thats right the character creation was enhanced to the max now. Bottom line the game play is cool, the graphics are a major improvement the voice acting is spot on, the acting is amazing, and the CGI scenes look almost PS3 graphics on a Wii.
Control-The games control is easy to get used to, best used with a classic controller or a gamecube controller the compatibility ranges as much as Brawl does.

Game Modes-The modes of play that are avalibale in this game are :Story, Free mode, Dojo, Murasame Castle, and Historical mode. All of these modes are two player and also have Wifi connection capability. I won't spoil too much here but Mursame Castle and Historical mode are perhaps the funnest game modes inside of a game ever. Create a warrior is very specific this time, it's something you'll have to check out for yourself but needless to say you can spend hours in here not using all the combinations given to you.

Verditc:The game is great it plays nicely, graphics good, voice acting good, acting great.The only real downfall is it doesn't seem to run as smooth as the other games, it seems to have a teny tiny bit of lag when attacking but all the motions are fluid and connect without slow down. It's hard to explain exactly what it is but its a way to keep the graphics intact and keep everything moving at a forward pace The soliders are life like, showing emotions of fear and bravery depending on your attacks, if you kill many enemies infront of them they will back away, shake and even fall on the ground while running.

The amount of enemies on the screen at once is amazing and this time you can really see the difference in army sizes. Any downfalls the game has is made up with Mursame Castle, Historical Mode and the Create a Warrior feature. The story's great as always and it flows nicely. All npc warriors don't have a preset an they all look different which is a GREAT add on. Truely the best of the series supporting many multiplayer functions and so amazing that even Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo's Creator) says its one of the best games on the Wii matching even Super Smash Brothers

Final Score:9.5 out of 10. Only reason it's not a perfect score is because that the original voice actors from 2 weren't kept (besides Kotaru and Hanzo) and the very stable slow downs in battle.Don't believe GameSpots review they're usually wrong anyway.