3D, I think Samurai Showdown should stay in 2D

User Rating: 7 | Kenkaku Ibunroku Yomigaerishi Soukou no Yaiba Samurai Spirits Shinshou PS
Well, for a Fan of Samurai Showdown, that's a big changement that the game pass to 2D to 3D graphics. The CPU giving me hard time at many moment, that take me a lot of time to be good.The game offer a lot of new comers and new cinematic O.O in 3D! It's true that the game isn't a great hit for the PS1 and the Fithing game universe, but still, I'm a fan of Samurai Showdown so I try it and I think it's not the worst fithing game at all, but surely the worst Samurai Showdown......
So, here my check list :

Graphics : 7/10
I'm a quite confuse, I prefer the 2D graphic, but still, the 3D graphic is surely to be in the evolution of the fhiting game, but still,It's a little bit poor...

Story : 9/10
Good story with nice characters with a nice design!

Gameplay : 5/10
A little bit poor, nothing really new for a Samurai Showdown.....

Positive of the game : 8.5/10
-Many new characters
-The life gauge system is not bad
-Nice cinematic for a PS1 game
-The gallery is nice to see
-Nice characters design
-havik love the finishing system (when the life gauge flash red)

Negative of this game : 5.5/10
-The 3D graphics are a little bit poor.....
-The design of the menu and life gauge (power gauge too) are ugly
-No command list on the menu in story mode,versus and battle (only in
pratice?What a joke!)
-The gameplay is the same as the other last Samurai Showdown

I should say : "Don't touch this game if you don't want to be disappoint!!"
But well, give a try if you have nothing to do.