A rocking good time

User Rating: 9 | Samba de Amigo DC
Mario and company may have the market cornered on the "party game" format. DDR may be today's hottest "rhythm and music" game series. And Karaoke Revolution may be the next big thing that borders both genres. But for sheer fun and musical lasting power, nothing beats Samba De Amigo. Samba De Amigo is a masterwork of fun, color, and presentation. It's not only one of the best music games ever created, if not THE best, it can also double as a wonderful party game if you want to invite some friends over. And this game is all about music, style, and energy. Unlike games like Gitaroo Man or Parappa the Rapper, it doesn't have a goofy story. Unlike games like DDR or Karaoke Revolution, it doesn't have an oddball mix of "some fun songs, some fruity songs, and some just plain weird songs." Its songs are classics in their own right and stick with you. Not all of them are latin music, but this game was built for the fiery dynamics of latin music. Familiar tunes like El Ritmo Tropical(which can be also heard on DDR), Samba De Janeiro, and especially The Cup of Life take on new life in Samba De Amigo. Why? Until recently this was probably the ONLY music game where you actually felt like a performer. DDR and Karaoke Revolution may be interactive, but DDR doesn't really teach you how to dance and Karaoke Revolution doesn't teach you how to sing. Only recently did Donkey Konga and Taiko Drum Master come out, but Samba De Amigo still beats both of them. Both sides of your brain will be working overtime as you struggle to use two maracas to follow dots that flow towards SIX points, three on the left and three on the right. But in no time at all you'll soon be feeling like a real member of a latin band as you shake your maracas to fiesty music and "strike poses". The various game modes and minigames add even more life to an already classic title. If there's anything that brings this game down, it's that playing this game with the Dreamcast controller is a pain and yet buying the maracas will set you back "mucho dineros". Yet if your Dreamcast still works and you're lucky enough to find or still own this title, pick it up or pop it in again for a smashing good time and one of the best music games ever.