Great Game! It will make you Shake your Ass!! You just have to have it! Another reason to get a Dreamcast!

User Rating: 9.3 | Samba de Amigo DC
Samba de Amigo is a really nice game. You will get addicted to it!
The background is a little… weird… and boring. And sometimes it hurts on the eyes. Your eyes will be with a lot of tears on it. But the game itself is great. If you play with the “maracas”, you’re going to have a lot of fun, but everyone who’s looking at you will think you are retarded. It’s really fun play the cooperative two-player mode with the maracas. You will just love it. I mean the game. Not the other player XD.
But play with the dreamcast’s controller is as nice as play with the maracas. If you don’t have the “maracas” (whatever is your reason…), you don’t need to get worried. Play this game with the controller is really nice. There’re still the “feelings” that you feel with the “maracas”.

The graphics are nice. Really colorful (that can give you some trouble with your eyes.). It’ll make you shake your ass!

Now, let me talk about the songs. Some people think this kind of music is weird, or stupid. But it isn’t! When you play a little bit of this game, you will get addicted to it songs! And when you play the challenge mode, you will unlock a lot of nice songs!

So, why are you still reading this review?! Stop it and go play Samba de Amigo!!!