Detectives solving the related cases

User Rating: 8 | Sam & Max: Season One PC
Maybe the last cartoon fun adventure game was Monkey Island but Sam & Max move it forward a step with hilarious adventure and fun. Sam is a detective dog and Max is his funny rabbit assistant. These two should go over cases and solve them. There are six episodes in Season one. Each episode has a mystery which two detectives should solve it.

The environment of the six episodes is almost the same. But it never bores you because every mystery requires certain actions to be taken. The most amazing part of the game is Max, the sidekick. He always throw very funny comments which you can't stop yourself from laughing out loud. The story also adds a humor place for you. Hence while you use your brain to solve the adventure puzzles you also have fun.

The simplicity of the environment adds a great value which every adventure lover would love to play this game.