Demonstrating episodic content potential & bringing old-school adventure back into mainstream,Season 1 is must-play

User Rating: 8.5 | Sam & Max: Season One PC
Sam and Max, the wacky detective duo, make their return after 13 years in this top-notch old-school adventure.
Instead of a cohesive adventure, the "season" plays out in forms of six episodes which focus on the duo getting involved in different adventures while a common plot is maintained throughout the season.

Gameplay remains faithful to old-school adventure system using simple inventory and dialogue interactions to solve the majority of puzzles.

The writing is simply brilliant and outstanding featuring numerous intelligent gags on pop-culture, fourth-wall breaking statements, satires on politics and video-games and what-not which will generally end with the player in splits.

Episodes 104 and 105 stand tall particularly because of their sharp satire and utterly hilarious gags on politics and internet/videogames respectively.

For a game that demonstrated episodic content's potential and brought old-school adventure genre back into mainstream, Season One is a must-play.