Sam & Max: Season One May Disappoint Old School Fans

User Rating: 7 | Sam & Max: Season One PC
The original Sam & Max was loved by fans for its raunchy humor and sly wit, but Telltale's version is watered down and disappointing.

When I was younger I played Sam & Max: Hit the Road and couldn't have been more addicted. What more could a young kid love than to see a dog and rabbit verbally harass each other and occasionally get violent.

When the new game came out I was ecstatic to delve back into the dark recesses that was Sam & Max. But when I began to play I noticed that while some of the scenes and characters were the same, the dialogue and general feel of the game was all wrong. The harassment was hardly edgy and our two heroes seemed like they had been given a prescription of depressants.

The game did make a good transition to 3D graphics as the scenes are smooth and flows freely. I would say that this is one of the good changes that was made as it is a step up from the old "cartoony" style.

For people who had never played the originals this game still has a chance to be fun. The game revives the old "point and click" adventure. It also reminds you that patience and determination are virtues as you will find yourself delved into the games puzzles.

This is not a game for those who turn off their computer when they can't beat a level after 30 minutes or even an hour. The puzzles will take some hard, and sometimes off the wall, thinking to complete.

If I could get the original Sam & Max games to work I would definitely suggest those, but for those true fans of the series and newcomers alike, this game will give you hours of entertainment.