The funniest game i've ever played... But not the smothest gameplay on the Wii...

User Rating: 8 | Sam & Max: Season One WII
With out a doubt the funniest game i've ever played, But unfortunately not the smoothest graphics on the Wii. On the PC it's a bit better but i have a crappy one, so i got stuck with the Wii version.
The game play is pretty much the same in the two versions although I found it easier and generally more fun to play with the computer mouse then with the Wii remote.
It was really hard to complete the game without peeping into the walk through because of the weird logic that the game goes through, which is exactly why this game is so great! (The weird logic, not the difficulty)
My favorite episode was the last one where you get to see most of the characters you met along the season, including the surprise villain!
All and all, a great game, very recommended, and the second season is even better. Can't wait to try the third one!