Warning : Although short it is very entertaining. PS : Don't be fooled by Max's "Cute Looks".

User Rating: 8 | Sam and Max PC
Story – Sam and Max was a popular old school comic book series, game & animated T.V show of the early 90's. The story revolved around two freelance police namely Sam (a dog) and Max (a rabbit) and their hilarious adventures of crime solving. In 2005 Telltale games decided to pickup the mantle and start off with new adventures of Sam & Max. The game is released as six short episodic features, each episode being released one after another in the following months. Out of which, the first episode is "Culture Shock". In Culture Shock, you take on the role of Sam (a dog) and Max (a rabbit), two freelance police, who are looking into the case of popular 70's child stars "The Soda Poppers". For some reason, they've all become mindless drones who can't stop spreading the word about Brady Culture, a failed 70's child star who is now marketing eye exercise tapes called Eye-Bo. Mysteriously, people who watch the tapes start to behave in the same manner as the Soda Poppers. So it is up to the crime fighting duo to find out the mystery behind all the mishaps.

Sound – Sam & Max are just hilarious. The situations and dialogues will keep you giggling and smiling throughout this fun filled adventure. Voice acting's are just brilliantly done whereas the background score, consisting mostly of Jazz is soothing and feels like a feather on the ear.

Graphics – The game looks and feels like eye candy. The 3D designs match mostly every aspect of the Sam & Max comic books. Well designed characters and locations make even simple graphic styles look beautiful.

Gameplay – The game play is quite interactive. The simple point and click method used in the game makes interactivity easy and fun. Culture Shock, features fun elements of puzzle solving, which makes listening to dialogues quite essential. You have a gun, boxing glove, car, and a lot of accessories to get the dirty job done. All in all the game is relatively quite easy if you know how to interact with objects well. The disappointing aspect of the game is its short gameplay, you keep craving for more towards the end but unfortunately you would have to wait for the next episode. The game ends pretty well giving you a little hint of the next episode. Culture Shock is really worth a play and with a really low tag price it is worth a buy.

Thumbs Up – Lovely Graphics, Hilarious, Fun filled Game play

Thumbs Down – Only 4-5 hours of game play.