It's shorter than Culture Shock but it is better.

User Rating: 8 | Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy PC
In Sam and Max Episode 2: Situation: Comedy Sam and Max have to investigate a crazy talk show host who has taken her audience hostage. The game plays exactly the same as the previous episode so other than the new setting, story, and some new characters nothing has changed. You point and click your way through the areas picking up items or examining them. You solve puzzles with these items. If you've ever played an adventure game on PC then you know what to expect. The dialog is funny and the voice acting is great.

Episode 2 is shorter than the previous episode. You can get through the game in about 2 or 3 hours if the puzzles don't get your stuck for long. If you enjoyed episode one then episode 2 is worth a play through. If you didn't then this version won't change your mind. It's still a great game.