This mind-boggling video game will make you squeeze your brain until you get the solutions for the puzzles.

User Rating: 9.5 | Sam & Max: Season One PC
I admit, I am not a big fan of point and click video games. I'm more of the action and adventure type who would prefer WASD keys. But this game is one of my personal faves.
The cartoony visuals are outstanding, giving a unique vibe whenever you play it. It doesn't even require high-end specs to play, so lags are as rare as finding a gold bar in the middle of the street. The soundtrack is also what i love most. When you're stuck with a puzzle and you don't know what to do, the music will get stuck in your head and next thing you know, you're humming to the tune of its theme. Dialogue is filled with funny jokes and exaggerated reaction and you can't stop laughing especially when it comes to Max's violent statements and Sam's although-serious-yet-still-funny way of talking. Characters are funny and unforgettable and they ain't the same each episode, which makes the story more interesting for each of them. Voice-acting is superb and story is quite humorous and exciting. Hypnotic teddy bears, forgotten child stars of the past and rebellious Internet, anyone?
My only complaint is the shortness of the episodes. Thankfully, the puzzles are difficult that extended the play time a little bit longer.
If you love hypnotic rabbity-things, talking dogs, paranoid store owners and teddy bear mobsters, the this game is definitely a must buy for you.