You're unlikely to find a title that challenges your mind in the funny, laid-back style of Sam & Max.

User Rating: 7.5 | Sam & Max: Save the World X360
A closed mind can be a huge barrier. Sam and Max, at 1600 Microsoft Points, translates to about $23 (in my good ol' Canadian currency, mind you). With the six episodes of this game's season, it gave me about 12 hours of witty and thought-provoking gameplay, and that's a pretty good harvest considering some full-priced releases don't even give 12 hours of gameplay.
If you're unfamiliar with Sam and Max, they are the Freelance Police! Which, in their world, basically gives them the authority to do whatever the hell they want. Sam is a large dog in a baggy blue suit and Max has always officially been called "a hyperkinetic rabbity-thing", and, frankly, I can't think of a more accurate description. This is an adventure-puzzle point-and-click game, just as the other games that involve these characters. The story is an increasingly ridiculous race for Sam & Max to prevent the world from being brainwashed.
Although the gameplay is solid and often very satisfying, most of my credit is due toward the humourous writing of the dialogue. Most of the humour is aimed at pop cultural satire, but the fourth episode, "Abe Lincoln Must Die!", focuses on extremely successful political satire. The fifth episode, "Reality 2.0", has some video game references and parodies that are likely to ironically hit the player in the gut (in a good-natured way, of course).
If this game interests you, if you're someone who appreciates funny things, then buy this game. It isn't terribly priced, and, in fact, there's simply nothing terrible about it at all.