Sam & Max is one of the best adventure games ever.

User Rating: 9.2 | Sam & Max Hit the Road PC
:Good Idea:
·Very creative and funny characters based on a graphic novel (different from comic books). Almost everyone you run into in the game will make you laugh, especially the censored cussin psychic.
·The voice acting is well done and gives the characters a life.
·The game has some good, funny puzzles (although most are easy) that will at least have you guessing for a good while.

:Bad Idea:
·The ending get's a little... weird. Basically, the ending goes further from the humor and ends up laying down in a pit of big foot jokes.
·You have to listen to country music at one point in the game. Even though it's funny, it's still freakin' country music.

·You'll laugh, cry, and spank your face playing this game. It's such a wonderful story and game, with plenty of laughs to keep even the young ones entertained (if you don't mind cruelty to undercover detective cats and midgets).