saints row is a good game to rent if your desperate to play a gta clone

User Rating: 7.5 | Saints Row X360
saints row is a good game to rent if your desperate to play a gta clone the game is not bad its fun but not the best.the missions are fun but they could off been longer and more intresting like have better shootouts like gta 4 if would be better if they add auto aim instead of free can make your own charcter and custom him you can have red hair with big lips with a gaint afro which is funny and i like how you can make your own charcter make your own gangster.your in stillwater where they are rich people druggies and gangsters shooting each other your just walking down the street and there is a gang warfare going on some gangster is about to shoot you but then a gang resuce you the third street saints and then you join them and do there jobs and rise through the ranks taking out all the gangs in stillwater which the story in kinda intresting.

you can store cars in your garage and own millions of cars.they are lots of variety of guns but they all fell the same when you can eat food in the game and you can take drugs and get high and take beer and get drunk and then barf.when the police is on you you can easily outrun them the ai is not that really saints row you can die easily and have no checkpoints and then you have to drive there to there which is a pain in the have to gain respect to play missions you get respect from activites some are good some are good one is trfaicking which is really fun and have to cover a bad one i escort where you have to drive away from vans.overall if you dont like gta or the godfather you would not want this game if your a fan you might be little disponited and you can beat the game pretty fast depending if your good at it.

Good-story-some activites are fun-some mission are a blast

bad-respect to play missions-glitches-guns fell the same-some missions are reptive-easy to die with no checkpoints-missions can get boring like strongleholds-some stuff didnt have to add to it