Saints Row is a clone of the GTA series, but is still quite more fun then GTA in my opinion.

User Rating: 9.5 | Saints Row X360
Saints Row is about you taking over stillwater with the 3rd street saints. you can customize your character clothes,hair,facial,and peircing and tatoos. you can buy cars,drug traffic,be a hitman, pick up hoes, and so on. you can drive around in any car. and some of the cars are REALLY nice. and when i said better then GTA i didnt mean SA. but i still rather play this because... of the XBOXLIVE. its cool, you can customize your character again. and you can create a gang and kill other people. its very cool. and also you can do activities like car jacking, chop shop, drug trafficing, street racing, snatches, and picking up hoes. its fun,VERY fun. but you alos need to find CDs witch unlock music for you to listen to while drving or running. and you get a cell to call numbers you see around the city. and 911 for healing. so go buy this game. it has it all!