Best GTA rip off ever!!!

User Rating: 9.2 | Saints Row X360
I had not expected this game to be so good being that it is a GTA rip off .The game is really great it is inovative and very well done.Lets start with the side quest in GTA the side quest were always the same to me the same taxi driver,firefighter,paramedic and so on but saints row has really cool side quest like hijacking,insurance fraud were you go around collecting money by hurting your self,or snatch were you go around stealing Ho's from there pimps.The story is really broken up in to three parts you have to take out each rival gang The Vice Kings,The Los Carnales,and the West side rollerz..Also there are online games to play like protect the pimp and many others.Thats the good part The bad is that after all of this it gets kind of boring and there is much to be desired.So if you are looking for a good alternative to GTA this is it but don't expect to get a whole lot out of it.