Not just another GTA clone.

User Rating: 8.5 | Saints Row X360
Some info you might want to know before I get on with the review, I am about 40-50 hours in the game and beaten the main storyline. My Gamertag is ShottyOwnage

You begin the game by making a custom character of your choice. This game has a huge amount of customazation when you start of the game.

You have the choice of editing your characters Race, Hair, Body weight, Facial hair and of course hair style.If you ever want to change your appearence all you have to do is visit the Plastic Surgeon and pay some dough. This games character creation is almost as deep as The WWE games or the Tiger Woods games. As you Progress through the game you will be able to buy more clothing with such things as jerseys, t-shirts, bandannas, baseball caps and jewlery.

There are 4 Gangs in Saints Row. The 3rd Street Saints(The Players Gang)
The Vice Kings(Yellow), The WestSide Rollerz(Blue) and Los Carnales(Red)

The gamplay closley resembles the gameplay of the GTA Series but also has some things that are completly unique to the game. One thing is your able to rob stores such as the gun store, jewlery store etc. It is vary simple to pull off, all you do is take out your gun and put the reticle over the store owner which they then lead you to the safe.

The Explosions in this game are very beutiful too. Which look very well even on a standard TV which is nice to just watch them go off. The player models look great a bit shiney but still very well done and there is a good amount of diffrent cars that look great as well.

The game's audio may not stand out quite as prominently as the visuals, but it's even better. The sounds of gunfire and car crashes are wincingly loud, and the game makes excellent use of surround-sound audio systems if you have one. The voice acting is very well done but it has to be doesn't it with such a all-star cast featuring, Keith David, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Carradine and others.T he music in this game is awsome with every type in the game from rap to rock to classical to jazz and of course some radio stations.

The onlne has four modes; Gangsta Brawl, Team Gangsta Brawl, Big A** Chains, Protect tha Pimp and Blinged Out Ride which are all pretty fun.

You get achiements for taking over each gang territory and completing the game. One for playing 20 hours. It has some multiplayer ones which you will get over time. In about the first or second hour in you should have about 4 achievments. The achievments are not too hard just a little time consuming.

This game Has enough going for it to be unique and bring some new stuff to the table and stop being ''The GTA Clone''.