An Addictive and More Fun Version of GTA That Cannot Be Put Down

User Rating: 8.5 | Saints Row X360
OK now this game was released in 2006, before GTA4 came along and so it was compared to the older San Andreas title for its ghetto setting and urban crime tale but as many saw Saints Row was only similar to GTA in context, it still followed organised crime but allowed even more freedom and pure mayhem you can unleash on the city in the next generation console.

But it was also the ease of control, and compared to the earlier GTA title it was more fluid and smooth on running.
To me Saints Row is a guaranteed title for all these reasons, it keeps you playing for hours on end as you gain territory through missions and activities. Also Saints Row is brilliant in allowing you to spend your hard earned cash, while in GTA titles you spent your money just on buying guns, and clothes. In Saints Row you can buy new cribs, style yourself with clothes and tattoos, buy chains and everything and also use your currency to pimp out your rides at the garage.

Change car paint jobs, pimp out your ride with Nitro and represent your crew in every way possible.
Activities to gain respect and cash range from stealing a rival pimp's girls, to drug distribution to even the fun insurance fraud scam.
With all of this you have 3 rival street gangs to deal with, to take territory from, cash and destroy their influence in the city.

To do this you hit their money making activities, their supplies, drug houses, their stashes, their drug routes. Its satisfying to set alight to a drug labs and even their vehicles to hinder them.

The Good:

- Open ended world like Grand Theft Auto, but a more comedic and outlandish world.
- Many weapons and equipment to use and enjoy, some that would even surprise you.
- The option of characterisation really helps, wearing clothing that shows your crew and who you vouch for. Even painting your vehicle in your gang's colours is intriguing.
- You can play Saints Row as either a mad cap jaunt, or you can play like a gangster customising your crew and yourself.

The Bad:

- Some missions can be really daunting and frustating to bypass.
- Weapons quickly run dry of ammunition, and costs a lot to buy more of.
- Graphically, the game is behind in comparison to newer games but still fun.

All in all, one of the best games of the time and of course a great release game when the XBOX 360 came out on the market. Now on the classics range, its well worth the price as it will keep you busy for hours on end and so will its sequel Saints Row 2.