Saint's Row is not just another GTA clone. This is a game on it's own.

User Rating: 8.3 | Saints Row X360
:Good Idea:
• The gameplay takes what Grand Theft Auto originally started and pushed it further. There's a more organized weapon selection, more free for all in the sense of you can actually go inside buildings without load times and waiting, and just physics. For instance, if you hit a chump head-on in a car, the innocent will fly out of his windshield and hit either your car, asphalt, or a pole. Deadly and fun.
• Pimping out your cars. That's something that everyone likes to do to your cars. There's a lot of Need For Speed style pimping to do to your cars.
• The multiplayer is pretty sweet. There's a ton of good modes, such as Big A** Chains, Co-Op, and just your classic Gangsta Brawl. Plus, you can basically trick your guy out with clothing, jewels, and anything else in the multiplayer modes to show off your skill, as well as your bling.

:Bad Idea:
• The multiplayer is extremely laggy for not just me, but almost everything. It's the key thing holding the game from being grand. The other lag is the graphic engine. It runs well, unless a movie is going on. Then it seems to slug it's butt around. It seems to run at a steady 25fps, not the average 30fps.
• The graphics are a bit weak on some areas. For instance, the hair is very pixilated when up close. It doesn't really look very good when you're up close on a few things. The game is well polished but there's not a lot of detail in the cars as much as I'd hoped for.
• Some of the missions are just way too easy.

• A bit better than I expected, but not perfect. You'll defiantly have a blast playing around with the physics and the multiplayer, as long as you don't mind the lag.


:100% Achievement Difficulty:
• Overall, if you play through the game and dedicate a little bit of time into playing the multiplayer, you'll do just fine.