Saints row may have similarities of past games, but it also delivers great new ideas and very fun online play. Read on..

User Rating: 9.6 | Saints Row X360
Saints row is a under- appreciated game that really deserves more credit. It may be similar to GTA but you could make that case for EVERY game for pete's sake. The graphics are amazing and they really show what the 360 can do. The lighting effects are spectacular with headlights appearing on buildings, along with the flashing police lights leaving their mark. The scenery even reflects off the vehicle's paint. The sound is also an a+. The soundtrack will keep you listening for weeks and the pedestrian chatter is funny and ongoing. You can even hear bass from certain vehicles and when the doors open, you can hear the song playing before you get in. Theres many hours of gameplay to experience, whether its the main story line or all the activities you can do to build up respect. If tall that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can jump online and "protect the pimp" with your buddies, bling out your ride, get more chains then your opponents, or just brawl, ghost recon style- gang vs. gang. Overall this game takes urban chaos to a new level and will be more then enough to keep you busy until gta 4. My advice would be to get this game NOW!