A childish excuse for a sequel to a great game, but, it does have some ups. I use the word "ups" very loosely.

User Rating: 5 | Saints Row: The Third X360
If you have been debating to get the sequel to the fantastic game known as Saint's Row 2, I'm here to help you answer that question: Don't. At least, not until it's put in the bargain bin for $15, which should be soon.

Like many people who bought this game, I was expecting a fantastic story, immersive gameplay, and some wacky humor here and there, but all I got was some alright gameplay and some stupid "in-your-face" toilet humor.

You play as your created character from the last game, as usual, the character creation is very deep. I won't bash this procedure because it's one of the few points I got my hopes up high again. But they were brought back down very fast when it is revealed Johnny Gat dies in the first level. The entire game is very dry and stale. You often find yourself doing the same thing over and over again and it gets very tiring and annoying. Even some of the revamped activities are very "cut-and-paste".

The good about this game? When you are playing the story, it gives you something to do. The downside? When you are done with the story, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO. Activities get boring, hitting people in the nuts over and over for no reason got really boring, getting in shootouts with the cops is ridiculously boring now since the AI only knows how to count to potato.

My final verdict of this game is: don't expect a good sequel from this. Just jump on the GTA V bandwagon like I'm doing and prevent yourself from disappointment.