This game is like a shallow whore. Have fun for an hour, then stay away.

User Rating: 3.5 | Saints Row: The Third PC
I think I have brain damage from playing this. It's not that i don't enjoy retarded humor or shock value, but when that's all there is to a 10+ hours game, you're gonna end up sick of it.

Unlike saints row 2, this game doesn't have any consistent plot or anything that can be taken remotely serious, it's a bunch of super-special-duper-extra-exclusive stuff that you try for 5 minutes and then throw away.
It's quantity over quality, it's a sandbox with rocks instead of sand.

All the weapons feel the same, all the cars feel the same, it replaces melee combat with quick time events, it's all a charade , a trick to get your money.
The definition of flash over substance, an M rated game for kids, the cancer of the video game industry in a nutshell.

And if you think I'm a hater, well, you're right, I hate this game with a passion. But hey, THQ went bankrupt, so maybe I'm not insane after all.

F*ck this game.