Saints Row The Third is a fun and addicting game especially in Co-Op Multiplayer

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row: The Third PC

Game: Saints Row The Third
Genre: Action
Developer: THQ Volition
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 93/100
Value Score: 9.3/10

• Story: 10/10
• Characters: 10/10
• GamePlay: 10/10
• Graphics: 9/10
• Sound: 10/10
• Music: 7/10
• Length: 7/10
• Replay Value: 10/10
• Player Value: 10/10

+Fun and Addictive open world atmosphere
+A lot of great weapons and attacks to use
+Very colorful game
+A lot of humorous moments
+Storyline is quite well made
+Multiplayer Co-Op Campaign is well made
+Additional play modes are a nice addition aside from the main gameplay

-Unable to use custom tracks compared to GTA
-Not as much mods as you would expect in a PC game