It couldn't possibly be any stupider, but that's how I love it.

User Rating: 8 | Saints Row: The Third X360

Saints Row the third is a surprise on many levels. It is highly immature, incredibly ridiculous and blatantly offensive, and yet it is one of the funnest game's I've played in years. The game is an open world game that brings new definitions to the word "crazy fun", because it truly is a wild ride.

The story is quite simple, as it focuses on glorifying gang members and creating a world that is as improbable as it is hilarious. The script is quite funny, at first, but the jokes and writing eventually lose their luster. Luckily that won't happen till two-thirds into the game. Even so, the downright insane nature of the world always gives you some laughs, even when the story isn't playing out. The game always remains hilarious and never becomes boring. There is so much to do, and so much mission variety that you will always be pleased at how brilliantly well the game is designed.

The game offers quite a lot customization, which is great, even when the visuals are nothing less than abysmal. There are several bugs, that oddly enough become comical and pretty much everything from the character animations to textures aren't impressive. Even so, you'll have so much fun in the game that the old saying of "gameplay before visuals" becomes a reality.

The soundtrack is fantastic, and the voice acting gets the job done. The game is surprisingly not that long. You will cruise through it in about 8-12 hours, and there isn't a lot to do afterwards, other than play alongside a friend. Had it not been for this, it could have easily stood with the titans among the genre.

Overall: Crude, insane and nothing short of a blast to play, Saints Row the Third is a classic example on why video games are the ultimate medium of fun. Although it has several issues that prevent it from reaching superb status, it still remains one of the funnest game anyone will ever get to play.