An insane game set in a crazy world

User Rating: 8 | Saints Row: The Third PS3

The game has you taking control over the leader of the Saints. The most popular gang in the world, who everyone apparantly is rooting for. In this game you can collect cars, upgrade them, weapons, stores and take over different districts. There is no doubt that this game is just crazy and funny in the same time.

The gameplay has an open world with a huge sandbox of different things you can do in this game. There are just so many various side mission that bring so much variation. Shooting down rival gangs, escort missions, chopper mission and much more. It's not just the sidemissions that have great variety, but the main missions also have a lot of variety. It also makes it plain fun to go through the crazy story aswell.The driving is solid, it's not of a racing game type of quality. But it gets the job done. The world does not feel empty and always encourages you to do something. Wether it is a story mission or a side mission. The shooting mechanic is also really fun to play. The gameplay overall is the strongest aspect of the game by far. Letting the player choose however he or she wants to play and what the player wants to play at any time. The game isn't hard to get into either, but it's not so easy that you just cruise through every mission without dying once or twice. The checkpoint system is also very fair if you manage to fail a mission.

The setting and story is just so insane and funny in this game. This is a game that truly embraces to not take itself seriously. Poking fun at other games and movies. Even tropes in games. The writing in this game is brilliant and just flat out hilarious if you let the game take its course. It's super fun if you just let the insanity take over and just get lost in it.

The voice over and overall sound design is just as solid as the story. The voice actors deliver that extra punch to every line and take the craziness to whole other level.

The graphics is perhaps the weakest part of the game. The overall world has distinct style, but isn't the best you have ever seen. It gets the job done, but isn't the most technically advanced game when it comes to graphics.

You can play this game for a really long time if you want to and want to immersive yourself into this world. There is enough to explore. There are enough main missions and sidemissions to last for more than 30 hours. Depending on how much you want to finish of the sidemissions.


it's a really funny game if you let it. It doesn't take itself serious. It has some crazy missions and overall just a lot of fun to play. Anyone that is fan of open world games should try this game out

Gameplay - 10

Story - 9

Audio - 9

Graphics - 7

Value - 9

Tilt - 8

Overall: 8.6