A fun game with more freedom than real life

User Rating: 8.5 | Saints Row: The Third X360
This game is tons of fun. You can do things crazy things like ride in tanks destroying things; jump in front of cars to make money; escort people; fly and drive cool vehicles; own the nicest cribs in town; crash into cars without your own car getting damaged; customize your character however you want; and much much more. The music in this game is great, and I like the classical station a lot. Saints row 3 is one of those games you have to have in your collection. I am usually a fan of realistic games like sports games and GTA, but this was a nice change. The fighting in this game is very good. Punching, kicking, shooting, all are executed great. The story is really fun to follow. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes games like GTA and the old Saints Row's. I bought this instead of Saint's Row 4 because the fourth one is pushing the limits on realism. It's to Sci-Fi for people who like a more realistic game.