Fun, free from any constraint, enjoyable and complete.

User Rating: 8 | Saints Row: The Third PC
I was a great fan of Saints Row 2, so when the third came, I was impatient as hell and bought it on PS3, later on PC. What a surprise! The game was completely different, but in a good way: more funny and WTF. The game clearly took its distance from his image of "gta-like", to become a "saints row-like", and it's not a bad thing.

The real problem with the second (and the first, in fact) opus was a sensation of déjà vu: the gangs, the idea of revenge, etc. The third built a new universe, with new rules, and from zero (or almost). The "cheat" became a component of the gameplay, Shaundi became hot, the gameplay more nervous and the story more epic.

From the beginning to the end, the action is constant and (hopefully) the cutscenes never "cut" it, in fact, they improve the experience by offering a strong story and creating an attachment for the characters. One could argue that the game is too absurd or sexual. but it would minimize this intense piece of work to boobs and action. Saints Row 3 is far more than that. It is an experience by itself: fun, free from any constraint, enjoyable and complete. Don't miss the opportunity to play SR3.