Question about SR3: Full Package digital download on PSN

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Hi, everyone!

A couple of months ago I got Saints Row The Third through Playstation Plus. I have been playing it this past days and I'm enjoying it a lot. I am now 60% through the main campaign and would like to buy the DLC to extend and complete the game. The thing is that buying the Full Package would not only get me all the DLC, but also the game to actually own it, at a better price. Now, my question is: the Full Package appears as a bundle in the store, does this mean that by buying digitally I get the game and all the DLCs as separate downloads? Or is it a single file download with everything included?

I ask because, since I already have the main game in my PS3, getting the DLCs as separate files would be easier and faster to download. Also, if it is a single file, not only would I have to delete and redownload the game (taking longer), it also means that it's the same data used in the disc version, making (as far as I understand) my save data incompatible, and I don't want to lose my progress. :P

If anyone has bought the digital version of Saints Row TheThird: Full Package from the PSN Store and could help me with my question, I will appreciate it.