Grey areas in city, although 100%

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#1 Flame_Devil999
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Hi, this is driving me crazy... I have completed every gang operation, activity, collectible, mission, DLC, everything, I have 100% game completion but there are still about five grey areas. Thing is, I'm sure I know why. I've done some co op, some single player, I had to go to certain activities just to click skip so I could even access the next tiers.

The areas that are grey are gang operations which I completed through missions, the easiest to describe is just outside safe word, to the west of the breast hills. The cars are there but no gang operation, so I can't do anything...

Is there any help anyone can give me? Anyway to complete the map? Can I mod it? Cheat without flagging my account? 

It's so **** annoying...


Thanks in advance :(