Saints Row 2 is great,fun and crazy.

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 PS3
If you are looking for an open world game that has a lot of things to do then saints row 2 is the game for you. it has tons of activities and side missions like insurance fraud,snatch , Fuzz, racing ,mayhem and many more. the story is great. it is intense and somehow funny. the game isn't realistic and that's a good thing because all of the crazy thing you can't do in real life can be done here. It is like gta 4 but better. they both can open doors without loading, you can shoot anywhere when driving and they both have cell phones but it doesn't make saints row 2 a duplicate of gta 4. in saints row 2 there are more clothes, weapons, cars, activities and you can customize you car like putting nitrous in it and you can also customize your character's appearance, movement and their way of complimenting and taunting. it is a fun game but it is still not complete because of it's numerous bug and glitches but a game like this you won't be bothered to those downfalls.