Gritty, Dirty and Oh so Fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
Saints Row 2 is a wildly imaginative game, what is really great about it is that it is a follow on from the first game so right away has a feeling of familiarity and a continuing story to it, but most of all, It's "just plain fun".

The game is "silly" and guttural compared to GTA IV, but thats what makes it a much more enjoyable game, it has interesting characters, more customization elements for characters, cribs and vehicles and more things to do other than just follow boring story like what its rival offers.
Saints tries to keep you on your toes with different situations and missions, as well as keep you laughing with crazy voice acting and a hilarious script.
Graphically it's not the best game ever but if you look past that its got loads to offer in the way of substance.

It also features Online modes including co-op campaign which you guessed it you and a friend can tear up Stillwater together, as well as the usuals (Deathmatch etc.) to give it more replay value.