one of the worst games i have ever played

User Rating: 3 | Saints Row 2 PC
Firstly when i started the game i was amazed with th high customization it offers.But when the gameplay and the story started it all yust went downhill.
driving is terrible it's imposible to eaven keep your car on the road.
another thing that i don't like is the respect meter.You basicly have to complete side missions to progres the story.this would be all fine if the side missions werent so awfull.most of the time this is the consucence of the driving mechanics.
this game has one of the worst stories i have ever played.Most of the time it doesent make any sense.
This is the main reason why I don't like the game- i love games with a good story.
but sometimes i forgive the bad story to games that are fun and/or
have good side missions- none of which this game has.

the good:
-great customization options
the bad:
-awful story
-bad driving mechanics
-you have to complete bad sidemissions to proced the story
-simply not fun